Ranna Villa Ldt

Ranna Villa Highland Cattle Farm, Café & Cabins

Come and enjoy an idyllic seaside farm!

View our Scottish Highland Cattle, with their adorable bangs and large horns, grazing on the seaside pastures. In the meantime, our cafe’s chefs, using ingredients from our farm,will prepare for you something fresh and simple yet hearty. They do their utmost to prepare the best beef burgers and sandwiches to sooth a hungry stomach.

Visit our Farm Shop to purchase our delicious organic beef and beef products!

Enjoy amazing sunsets and have a peaceful sound sleep in our old fashioned log cabins, with terraces and sea views.

  • Kontakt

    Kairo ja Sinikka Pilviste (host and hostess)

  • Aadress

    Küdema village, Mustjala parish, Saare county


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