Pöide Brewing Hall – Põldemulgu Ldt

Throughout the ages Saaremaa has been known for its strong brewing heritage, which is why Koit and Kristel decided in 2013 to start brewing beer at their farm. Due to growth in demand for their beer and growth in their family, the farm became too small for both. So they decided to relocate the brewery to the the big town on the island, specifically a grand Art Deco industrial building on Tolli street in Kuressaare, a place where electricity was once produced. The new Põide Brew Hall is spacious enough for both production and welcoming visitors. Come witness and taste how the Saaremaa beer brewing tradition continues! Find more information about visiting the Pöide Brewing Hall on the homepage  www.poidebeer.com

  • Kontakt

    Kristel Oinberg-Kelder (owner/operator of Pöide Pruuli Koda)

  • Aadress

    Tolli 25a, 93813 Kuressaare, Saaremaa

  • Sotsiaalmeedia


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