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Inge, the lady of Epi Farm, uses raw materials which are gathered from pure nature and her own gardens to cook special, healthy jams and also fruit and berry ketchups. There are seven different kinds of fruit and berry ketchups, along with flavoured water, twelve different types of herbal tea, marinated chanterelles and other products which have been made in the farm’s very own kitchen, with the proviso that production is dependent upon what nature can produce. A healthy approach is preferred in making the products: unrefined, organic cane sugar is the sugar of choice and even this is used sparingly to avoid concealing the natural flavour of the berries.

For 8 years now I have been producing a variety of fruit and berry preserves (jams for cheese, ketsups, traditional jams), marinated chanterelle mushrooms, naturally flavoured berry waters and herbal teas.

The products are all made at Epi farm in the farmhouse kitchen, which is registered with the Veterinary and Food Board of Estonia. I have a degree in food technology and work experience as a chemist-bacteriologist.

The products are handcrafted by myself and one assistant hired for 6 months of the year.

They carry the Farmers Federation of Estonia GENUINE FARM FOOD logo and Saaremaa Cooperation Organization MADE IN SAAREMAA logo.

I am a member of the Slow Food Saaremaa convivium.

I’m proud to say that I guide every apple, berry and chanterelle mushroom through it’s joumey from nature to the jar.

Foods made with heart&natural, locally grown ingredients, are simply the best.

The preserves do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The main ingredients are all locally sourced from Estonia, mainly from farms in Saaremaa. I use unrefined organic cane sugar in the amount of about 15-30%, and Himalayan mountain salt.

The products have a shelf life of 1 year. The products are sterile and remaind indoors temperature.  Refrigerate after opening.

The products are for sale at Saaremaa COOP shops, in several larger food shops in Tallinn and Pärnu as well as many farm shops.

I’ve devoted my life to food preparation and it’s presentation.  I’ve since developed my skills by  following my heart. Today the fruits of my labour are evident with my local, all-natural ingredient preserves.

Preparing preserves is a creative process. I only put in my jars that which myself, my children and my grandchildren would enjoy.

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    Inge Uulits (chef)

  • Aadress

    Epi talu, Muratsi küla, Lääne-Saare vald, 93859 Saare maakond

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