Saaremaa Ehtne Toode

Food producers, catereres and craftsmen from Saaremaa and Muhumaa are using a special trademark “Ehtne” since 2012. This blue mark is a regional mark and will help you easily to find and recognize genuine products made in Saaremaa.

Authentic product

This mark assures you that the product is local and manufactured here in Saare county by local experience.

Our promise

The mark shows our caring attitude towards environment and community.

  • Activities
  • Baked goods, pastry, flours, cereals, mueslis
  • Conserved foods, sauces, oils, honey
  • Dairy, eggs
  • Drinks
  • Eateries and shops
  • Handicraft, heritage
  • Herbs, vegetables, fruits, juices
  • Meat and fish products
  • All producers