Authentic product

This mark assures you that the product is local and manufactured here in Saare county by local experience.

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Ranna Villa Ldt

Ranna Villa Highland Cattle Farm, Café & Cabins Come and enjoy an idyllic seaside farm! View our Scottish Highland Cattle,...

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Saksa Farm Shop and Artisan Ice Cream Cafė

Our artisan ice cream made from farm fresh milk and crisp homemade waffles will leave you an unforgettable summer memory!...

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Pihtla Brewery

Pihtla brewery taproom – Saaremaa farmstyle beer and handcrafted beers from the oldest microbrewery in Estonia. A true celebration in...

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Pöide Brewing Hall – Põldemulgu Ldt

Throughout the ages Saaremaa has been known for its strong brewing heritage, which is why Koit and Kristel decided in...

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